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How to create a more than one wallet in the same currency
How to create a more than one wallet in the same currency

MultiWallets let you have more than once balance in the to optimise your treasury management!

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Creating multiple wallets in the same currency

You're not limited to just one wallet/balance per currency! You can make MultiWallets, which are multiple balances in the same currency. For example, you could have two wallets in USD: one for payroll payments, one for internal company transfers.
You can also get unique local/global account details for different wallet wallets, so you can give different account details to your customers depending on the reason for payment, to help with your reconciliation!

Step 1

Login to your Verto account at

Step 2

Hover over the left hand sidebar, and click Wallets.

Step 3

Click Add wallet on the right hand side, as in screenshot below.

Step 3

From the dropdown, select the currency which you want to add the wallet in.

Step 4

Enter a name for the wallet (if desired), and click Add wallet. Your wallet will be added!

Step 5

To view your wallets, click a currency on the right hand side, and then click the drop down. You will be shown a list of all of your wallets in that currency.

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