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How to find a transaction in the transaction history
How to find a transaction in the transaction history
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Transaction history

You can use our transaction history to find any transaction you've made on the Verto platform. You can search by date, recipient, email address, and other things.

Step 1

Login to your Verto account at

Step 2

Click Customer Hub, the fifth icon down on the left hand side

Step 3

Click the Transactions dropdown, and then click All. You will be shown all transactions from the last 30 days (up to 150 transactions).
You can filter by:

  • Currency.

  • Type of payment (Conversion, outgoing payment, incoming payment, etc).

  • Date.

  • Amount.

  • Status.

You can also search by:

  • Recipient/sender name.

  • Account number.

  • Transaction reference.

  • SWIFT/BIC code.

  • Recipient email address.

If you have additional questions please reach out to us via live chat, Chat with Frank or at

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