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How can I receive payments using my USD account?
How can I receive payments using my USD account?
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A local USD account allows you to receive USD payments from within the US. Follow these steps to receive payments using your USD account.

Open a USD account

First, you’ll need to open a USD bank account on VertoFX. If you haven’t please follow the following steps here to open your USD bank accounts.

Locate your account details

To locate your USD account details, select the USD currency and visit the bank account details page.

Provide your account details

Once your USD account is open, you will need to provide your account details to the person or entity that will be sending you payments. This will typically include your account name, account number, the name of your bank, ACH routing code, WIRE routing number, and bank address.

Note: Please make sure you send the correct details. Be sure to pass the appropriate instructions to the sender.

Receive payments

Once you have provided your account details, you should be able to receive payments into your USD account.

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