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How do I receive payments to my DKK local account?
How do I receive payments to my DKK local account?
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You can use your DKK local account to receive payments from customers, or top up your wallet from your own bank accounts. To receive payments, simply give your DKK local account details to your customer, and ask them to send the funds to these details. The funds will be credited to your Verto wallet instantly, when we receive the payment.

You can receive payments to your local DKK account via Kronos2. This is a same-day settlement system, and funds will arrive the same day if sent before 14:00 UK time.

DKK local accounts have the following bank account details:

  • Account number

  • Reg. nr./bank code

  • Account holder’s name

  • Bank address

To find your DKK local account details, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Verto platform.

  2. Click “Accounts & Wallets” on the left hand sidebar.

  1. Click the “LOCAL” button, so that you can see your Verto local accounts. Then click “DKK”.

If you don’t see DKK listed here, then follow this guide to learn how to open a local account.

4. Click the “Bank Account Details” tab near the top of the Wallet screen. You will see your DKK local account details here.

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