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Navigating Verto
Updated over a week ago

The purpose of Verto's navigation is to help you find what you intend to do on Verto easily and in no time. Below is an overview of Verto's navigation. Login to experience it.

  • Exchange: Visiting exchange allows you to visit all the features that support FX on Verto. This includes:

    • Exchange now

    • Exchange deal

    • Marketplace

    • OTC

    • Exchange between wallets

  • Payments: Visiting payments allows you to access all Verto features that allow you to make payments. This includes:

    • Send: wallet to bank

    • Send: wallet to another Verto business

  • Wallets: Manage all your wallets and access all the features that can be used via the wallet. This includes:

    • Send: wallet to bank

    • Send: wallet to another Verto business

    • Add funds to your wallet

    • Exchange between wallets

    • Transfer between wallets

  • Cards: Create and manage a Verto physical or virtual corporate card. This includes:

    • Order a physical debit card

    • Order a virtual debit card

    • View all created cards

  • Payment links: Create and manage payment links. This includes:

    • Create a payment link

    • View all payment links

  • Transactions: View all your transactions via Verto.

    • View all transactions

  • Payment approval: Approve all payments made by your company.

    • Approve all your payments

  • Beneficiaries: Create and manage beneficiaries that you make payouts to. This includes:

    • Create a beneficiary

    • View all beneficiaries

  • Verto API: Manage your API integration easily. This includes:

    • Create an API key

    • Configure your webhook

    • View all webhook logs

    • Test your integration

  • Support centre: Get support from the Verto team.

  • Early access: Be the first to try out the features the Verto team has built to help you improve your business.

  • Account settings: Manage your Verto account easily. Make security, team, account and billing updates.

  • Logout: Log out of your Verto account.

  • Switch mode: Switch side-bar display modes to dark or light themed.

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