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The Verto Marketplace - A Definitive Guide
The Verto Marketplace - A Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know about Verto's new Marketplace

Updated over a week ago

We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly improved Marketplace.

Watch the video below to learn how the Verto Marketplace is revolutionising currency exchange; how it helps Verto's customers; and the key features the Marketplace has to offer.

We have relaunched our original Verto Marketplace with an updated user experience, a more intuitive interface and a focus on fulfilling trades between our users.

Verto's Marketplace is a peer-to-peer (P2P) foreign exchange solution for businesses. It's designed to connect businesses with a network of vetted counterparties to trade up to 14 global currencies at their desired rates.

On Verto's Marketplace, you can set your own exchange rates, negotiate the best rates with a wider pool of counterparties and complete currency swaps within 24 hours.

This innovative solution offer options for businesses who wish to buy or sell currencies. You can:

  • Sell Side: Advertise your desired exchange rate and find businesses willing to buy on your terms.

  • Buy Side: Explore businesses selling the currency you need, negotiate rates, and complete your transaction quickly and securely.

What we've kept the same:

Our Marketplace still allows you to:

  • Trade multiple currencies both exotic and G10 with other Verto users

  • Set rates or negotiate rates on trade.

What we've added:

  • You no longer have to commit the full amount while creating a trade; only a token amount is locked in your wallet. This allows you to explore potential deals and secure the best rates without significant risk.

  • You get a full 24 hours to send us the amount you committed to trades that are accepted.

  • No hidden fees. We display upfront the amount you will receive after the trade is complete.

  • All transactions take place within the Verto platform through a secure wallet system. This eliminates external risks and ensures all counterparties are KYC/AML verified, providing peace of mind for every trade.

  • Enjoy complete transparency with Verto Marketplace along with a dedicated customer support team ready to assist you with any queries or concerns. You'll also have access to a detailed transaction history within your Wallet for easy record-keeping.

The Marketplace Manual

Keen to get started? Watch our bitesize Video Demos below to learn about all aspects of the Marketplace, including creating, accepting, archiving and fulfilling marketplace trades.

We've got all the information you need!

How do I get to the Marketplace on the Verto Platform?

To navigate to the Verto Marketplace from the Home Dashboard, hover over the side bar on the left and select Exchange. You’ll then be taken to the Exchange Dashboard, and here you can see the Marketplace. Click ‘Start Trading’, and you will be taken to the Live Trade screen.

How do I create my first Marketplace Trade?

Creating a trade on the marketplace takes less than a minute. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select 'Create new trade'

  • Select your currency and the amount you would like to sell. Alternatively, you can select the currency and amount you would like to buy

  • Enter the rate at which you would like to sell/buy this currency

  • Choose how long you would like your trade to remain live. If left unfulfilled after this amount of time, the trade will expire

  • Go ahead and select 'Create' and 'Confirm'

  • You can then check to see that the trade has been created by going to 'My Live Trades'

How do I make an offer on a Trade ?

If you wish to make an offer on a trade and negotiate with the trade creator,

  • Click on Accept/Offer next to the trade that you would like to negotiate on.

  • Then select ‘Make an offer on this trade’. This will enable you to propose a counter-rate which the original creator of the trade may choose to accept instead.

It’s also worth noting that if you create a counter trade, it will be made available for other Verto users to accept as well - so it may be that your trade is accepted by someone other than the trade creator that you were originally negotiating with.

  • Input the amount of currency you would like to sell. You could also choose to alter the rate, or the amount of currency you would like to receive, if you prefer

  • Choose how long to keep your trade valid for

  • Once you make the offer, it will appear under your 'My Live Trades' tab

You will not be able to see your trades on the 'Live Trade Board'; however, your trades will be visible to other users.

How do I accept a Marketplace Trade ?

If you wish to accept a trade because you are happy with the amount and rate,

  • Click on Accept/Offer and select ‘Accept this trade for the full amount and Transfer’.

  • Click continue and you will be taken to a Trade summary screen informing you of the amount of currency you are selling and the amount of currency you are buying.

  • You’ll also be reminded to ensure you have sufficient funds in your wallet to fulfil the trade amount within 24 hours of accepting the trade.

  • Click ‘Confirm’.

  • Make sure to top up your wallet as required. As soon as both parties have provided the required funds, you will receive your purchased currency instantly to your wallet.

Can I archive or repost my Trades ?

When archiving a trade, you are choosing to remove it from the marketplace.

  • Click on the trade, and then select the ‘Archive’ (Trash) button.

  • Click 'Confirm'.

  • You can then view the archived trade in Past Trades.

To repost an archived trade:

  • Find the desired Past Trade

  • Click Repost and select Confirm

  • The trade will then appear in My Live Trades

How do I check if someone has made an offer on my trade ?

To see if someone has made an offer on your trade:

  • Navigate to 'My live trades' and click 'View offers'. This will show any offers that exist within the original values and rate that you proposed.

You can also adjust the search bar to alter the results according to your desired rates and volumes.

  • If you choose to accept an offer, click the tick button to accept the trade

  • To accept, you confirm that you are happy to provide the full amount of the sell currency within 24 hours to fulfil the trade

Bookmarking and sharing trades with people

If you want to save trades for later, simply click the bookmark icon next to the trade. This means if there is a lengthly list of trades, you can find your preferred trades easily, by navigating to Bookmarked trades using the menu on the right.

If you wish to share a trade on the platform, navigate to ‘Share’ using the right-hand menu, input the email of the person you would like to share the trade to, and press send.

Saving Search Filters on the Marketplace

It can be helpful to save search filters so that you can find suitable live trades quickly and easily. To do this:

  • Click ‘Find Trades’

  • Input your desired currencies and volume range

  • Click Save

  • This Filter will then be saved in your Saved Filters.

  • Simply apply any of your saved filters by clicking the tick-mark icon.

Frequently Asked Marketplace Questions

Deposits and Fulfilment

Do I need to have the full trade amount in my wallet to post a trade?

No, only a portion of the currency is required as a deposit when you post a trade. After your trade is accepted or you accept a trade from another user, the remaining amount must be funded within 24 hours.

What happens if a trade is not fulfilled?

If the trade is not fulfilled within 24 hours, the deposit may be confiscated and converted to compensate the counterparty.

Fees and Limits

What fees are associated with trading on the Marketplace?

Verto charges a small fee per transaction, which varies based on the trade amount and currency pairs. As of now Marketplace has 0% fees for around the next 3 months.

Is there a minimum trade amount?

Yes, the minimum trade amount varies by currency but is generally set to ensure the meaningful transactions.

Are there any limits on the number of trades I can post or accept?

There are no specific limits, but your trading activity may be subject to review to ensure compliance with platform policies.

Wallet and Funds Management

How do I withdraw funds from my wallet?

Navigate to "Wallet," select "Send Wallet to Bank”, enter amount and currency to transfer, choose beneficiary account, and confirm. Your money will be sent within 24 hours.

What happens if my wallet balance is insufficient to cover a trade?

You will receive a notification to top up your wallet within 24 hours to meet the trade requirements.

Account and Security

How do I verify my account to start trading?

Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process by uploading the required documents in the account verification section.

What security measures are in place to protect my account?

Verto employs robust security measures, including two-factor authentication (2FA), encryption, and regular security audits.

Notifications and Settings

How can I receive notifications about my trades?

If there is activity on your trade you will receive a notification via email.

Can I save my preferred trade searches?

You can save your trade searches by clicking the save icon in the search filter and then using the Saved filters option in the menu you can find your previous saved searches.

Additional Features

Can I trade multiple currencies simultaneously?

Yes, you can create and manage multiple trades in different currencies simultaneously.

How are exchange rates determined on the Marketplace?

Exchange rates are set by users based on their desired buy/sell rates, allowing for competitive and flexible trading.

How can I track the status of my trades?

You can track the status of your trades in the "My Live Trades" section, where you can see pending, active, and completed trades.

How do I contact support if I have issues with a trade?

For support, click on the "Help" section on the Verto platform or contact customer service via email ( or phone.

How do I know if my counterparty is reliable?

Verto conducts a thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) check for all businesses before they can use the platform. This comprehensive vetting process ensures the legitimacy and trustworthiness of your potential business partners.

Are there any restrictions on trading certain currency pairs?

Some currency pairs may have restrictions based on regulatory requirements. Check the Marketplace for it’s available pairs.

How do I handle disputes or issues with a trade?

Contact Verto support immediately. Provide all relevant details and transaction IDs to expedite the resolution process.

Can I set up recurring trades or automatic transactions?

Currently, Verto does not support recurring trades, but you can manually set up trades as needed. Automatic transaction features may be considered in future updates.

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