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Verto API

Automate away your transactions using the Verto API.

Updated over a week ago

It’s super easy to automate your transactions on Verto. This is important if you don’t want to manually initiate your FX and payments because they are a lot or maybe because you hate manually loading payments, which can take a lot of time, or automating will improve the efficiency of your business.

The Verto API capabilities include fetching the current API rate, initiating FX transactions between the 40+ currencies we support and making local and international payments.

We have also built a robust webhook notifications infrastructure to notify you when you collect payments into your wallets, FX orders get completed, or your payments are sent successfully.

Below is a quick overview of our API capabilities.

  • Foreign Exchange

    • FX Rates

    • FX Conversions

  • Wallets

    • Payment collections (using pooled or virtual IBANs/local accounts)

    • Hold for payouts

  • Payments

    • Beneficiaries (for payouts)

    • Payouts

  • Webhook notifications

Learn more about the Verto API by visiting our API documentation. You can also find out how to get API access here.

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