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FAQs: Verto Corporate Cards
FAQs: Verto Corporate Cards
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How do I add funds to my card?

Your multi-currency card is linked to your wallets on the Verto platform so as far as you have funds in your wallets you should be able to transact with your cards.

Is there a fee to order a card?

We offer the first physical card for free and subsequent cards have a £10 fee. Virtual cards are however free for every copy. Log in to order your card.

Once I receive my physical card, how do I get started?

First, you'll need to activate your card.

Go to and fill in your Card Details. After which, you will receive an OTP which, once you fill in on the site, will activate your Card.

You can use your Mastercard everywhere a Debit Mastercard is accepted, online and in-store. Certain restrictions apply. See the "Terms & Conditions" section on the Verto Platform for details.

* Verto Virtual Corporate cards are always immediately activated and require no action from your end.

What if I spend more than what I have on my balance?

If you attempt to make a purchase with an insufficient balance, the transaction may be rejected. You will not incur overdraft or purchase transaction fees when this happens; however, if the transaction is approved, you are responsible for any amount that is over your available balance.

You can check your account balance by logging in at

What controls do I have over my card?

Deletion of card

You can permanently delete your card from your Verto account. However, note that once your card is deleted, it cannot be reversed.

How do I dispute a card transaction?

There are a few reasons why you may want to dispute a transaction;

  • You've found unrecognized transactions on your card

  • You've paid for goods or services that you haven't delivered or received

If you've found unrecognized transactions on your account :

Step 1 : Investigate the transactions

Once your card has been blocked, proceed to check for a few things to see if the transactions were fraudulent:

1. Ask your team - Confirm with your team and multi-users to confirm who made a transaction.

2. Research the business - find out if the business is trading under a different name. You can check Companies house search (for UK)

If you find that the transactions were authorized, you can unblock your card easily in the same way you blocked it.

Step 2: Raise a transaction dispute with our support team

Our Card transaction dispute form can be found here.

If you can't figure out who made the transactions, the next step is to raise a dispute.

Use this form to raise your dispute and our compliance team will get back to you within 45 working days.

If you've paid for goods or services that you haven't received.

Proceed directly to raise a transaction dispute. Use this form to raise your dispute, and our Compliance team will get back to you within 45 working days.

Things to know before you raise a transaction dispute

We will do our best to recover your payments, however, in some circumstances, we will not be able to recover your funds. These include but are not limited to:

- Refunds or exchanges

- Membership or subscription questions

- Issues with defective or unsatisfactory products or services

For any transaction you wish to dispute, we strongly advise you to contact the business in order to resolve the issue first.

These issues may be resolved with the business directly:

- Duplicate charges

- Cancelled a subscription but was still charged

- Didn't receive the product

Do note that most card disputes must be lodged within 90 days of the transaction.

During signup, will you check my credit?

We do not conduct a credit check because this is not a credit card. However, to help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who creates a Card.

What this means for you: When you open a Card Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you.

How to reorder a card?

Following the same process as given in the "How to order a physical/virtual card" articles will help you to order as many cards as you require.

For Virtual Cards click here and for Physical Cards click here.

When will my card arrive?


Standard delivery takes up to 3 business days and is free of charge if it's your first card after opening a Verto account. In rural or harder-to-reach areas it can take longer.

EEA and Rest of the World:

Standard delivery takes up to 4-7 business days and is free of charge if it's your first card after opening a Verto account. In rural or harder-to-reach areas it can take longer.

We do not support express delivery yet.

Can I track the delivery of my cards?

Currently, we do not provide delivery tracking for our cards but we will do so in the future.

How many cards can I order for my company?

You can order as many cards as possible for all shareholders of your company. All you need to do is enter their details and a physical or virtual card would be created for them.

However, if the shareholders of your business are companies, you cannot create cards yet. We will provide you with the ability to add employees in your company soon

What do I do if my card is lost or it’s been compromised?

If your card is lost or you suspect that it might have been compromised, you can raise a request at to temporarily block your card or delete it permanently (depending on the case) and reorder a new one within the Verto dashboard

This way, you have full control of your card and you can protect yourself against unauthorized transactions.

How can I change my card limits?

You can set your card limits on the Verto dashboard. Any changes you make will be applied to your chosen card right away.

To make changes:

  • Log into your Verto dashboard

  • Click on the Cards Menu on your Verto platform

  • Click on the specific virtual or physical card

  • Edit the spending limit to amend it (Shown in the screenshots below)

Card limits

The daily limit relates to the past 24 hours (and not to the calendar day) and amounts to:

  • USD 500 for withdrawals from ATMs

  • USD 2,500 for payments in stores or online

The weekly limit is calculated on fixed calendar weeks and amounts to:

  • USD 500 for withdrawals from ATMs

  • USD 5,000 for payments in stores or online

The monthly limit is calculated on fixed calendar months and amounts to:

  • USD 2,000 for withdrawals from ATMs

  • USD 20,000 for payments in stores or online

How to activate my physical card?

There is an accompanying letter attached to the card. Kindly follow the instructions to activate the card on the Verto platform.

Is the Verto Mastercard a credit card?

At present, we don’t offer credit cards. As a Verto customer, your global account comes with a Mastercard debit card upon request.

Is the Verto Mastercard a prepaid card?

No, your Verto Mastercard is not a prepaid card. It is a Mastercard debit card that is accepted worldwide, letting you carry out transactions with the money available in your wallet

What are Verto Mastercard benefits?

All Verto debit card from Mastercard allow you to spend money directly from your account via your physical or virtual card, and it includes all of the Mastercard security features.

Extra Link dedicated to How to avoid card fraud

How do I reset my PIN?

You can change your Verto card PIN at most cash machines (ATM) in the UK. Simply key in your existing PIN, select PIN services and follow the on-screen instructions – it's easy and will only take a couple of minutes.

Incase of PIN blockage please contact us at

What exchange rate is used for currency conversions on a multi-currency debit card?

For the currencies that we support on the Card, the exchange rate applied will be that of Mastercard in this phase.

Why has my card transaction failed?

There could be several reasons why a card transaction fails. Often it could be just an issue with the Point of Sales but it could also be because you made a transaction for a service/product that we do not support. For a list of services we do not support click here.

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