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How do I make custom roles for my team members?
How do I make custom roles for my team members?

Manage what your team members can view and do on the Verto platform.

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Making custom roles for your team members

On our Lite and Emerging pricing plans, you're able to customise your team members access on the platform to match their authority within your company.

To do this, you can create new roles, choose which actions you'd like team members with this role to have, and what they are able to view on the platform.

Step 1

Step 2

Hover over the left hand sidebar, and click Settings.

Step 3

Click Roles in the menu bar.

Step 4

Click Create role on the right hand side.

Step 5

Enter a name for the role, and choose which permissions you would like team members with this role assigned to have. Click the check boxes to enable the permissions.
Once you're happy with the permissions, click Create.

Step 6

To assign this user to a role, click Team on the left hand side under General to show the list of all users on your company's profile, and click the user which you'd like to assign the user to.

Step 7

Click the Select role dropdown menu, and choose the role you'd like the user to have. Then, click Update User. The user will now have the permissions you've set!

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