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How to approve a payment (new lightning experience)
How to approve a payment (new lightning experience)
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Approving a payment

Users with the Super Admin, Admin, and Approver roles can approve payments. When there are multiple users added on your account, every payment from your wallet will need to be approved by a user with approval access.

Step 1

Log in to the Verto platform.

Step 2

From the left hand sidebar, select the Customer Hub icon, the fifth icon from the top.

Step 3

Expand the Actions drop down on the left hand side. Then, select Approvals.

Step 4

From the list of transactions pending approval (with status Requested), choose the transaction you would like to approve.

Step 5

Once you've clicked on the transaction, the details of the transaction will appear. Verify the details are correct, and click Approve.
You will be sent an OTP to your phone number. Enter the OTP, and click Verify. Then, your payment will be processed.

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