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How to Order a Virtual Verto Corporate Card ?
How to Order a Virtual Verto Corporate Card ?
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Verto Virtual Corporate cards are GBP denominated Mastercard debit cards which allows you to make online payments. It supports 3D Secure from Mastercard. We only require a few details to activate your new Verto Virtual Corporate Card.

We have described the process of ordering a Verto Virtual Corporate Card below, alternatively you can watch our useful guide video:

Step-by-Step guide for ordering a Verto Virtual Corporate Card

Start by logging in to the Verto platform.

In the Verto Classic Experience you can find the Cards section in the Side Menu 5th from the top.

In the Verto Lightning Experience you can find the Cards section in the Pay Product of the Side Menu. The Pay Product is the third from the top.

After this irrespective of which Verto experience you are using the steps to order a card will remain the same.

Click on the “Add Card” button at the top right corner of the screen in line with the title “Cards”

After clicking “Add Card” a Panel will slide open , following the steps and answering the questions on this panel will allow you to order a Verto virtual card

Click on “Virtual corporate card”, it should highlight itself as shown below

We highly recommend taking some time to browse through the “Card fee” section. Download our “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” for your reference as well and read them at your convenience.

At the bottom of this Panel you will see a checkbox indicating that you have understood our terms of use and agree with our privacy. Checking this box will activate the “Agree” button at the bottom of this Panel.

Clicking on “Agree” takes you forward to our step-by-step Card ordering process.

Step 1 : Fill out the base currency you want this card to be in

Step 2 : Select who the user of the card will be. Note they must be part of your organization. If you cant find a shareholder, go to the profile icon on the top right corner of the platform, select “Profile”, go to “Shareholder” and click on “Add Shareholder

Step 3 : We will require some details about who this card is being issued to

Step 4 : The billing address for the card is already pre-filled to a default address. However, you would need to provide a delivery address for us to deliver the card to.

Step 5 : You can review the information you have entered and then proceed to create the Card by clicking the “Create” button

If all information is correctly entered, your new card will show up on the main Cards screen and your new Verto Virtual Card is ready to use

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