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What is Verto?
What is Verto?

Product overview

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What is Verto? (product overview)

Verto helps businesses in emerging markets reach the world through cross-border payments. We offer:

  • Market beating currency exchange rates on 51 currencies.

  • Ability to settle payments in 200 countries with zero transaction fees.

  • Unique local and global (IBAN) bank account details, so you can receive payments from your customers/partners in many of the currencies we offer locally, or internationally.

  • Currency exchange for exotic currencies, including Nigerian Naira, Kenyan Shilling, Indian Rupee, and South African Rand.

  • Multi-user access for corporations.

  • Ability to collect payments via link (coming soon).

  • Virtual and physical payment cards (coming soon).

If you have additional questions please reach out to us via live chat, or at

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