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How to get an MT103/SWIFT copy from the platform
How to get an MT103/SWIFT copy from the platform
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Getting an MT103/SWIFT copy for a payment

In some cases, you can get MT103s/SWIFT copies directly from the platform. You can provide this to the beneficiary bank if they claim they haven't received it, to help them locate the payment on their end.

If you don’t know what an MT103 is, it is a copy of the message sent from the sending bank to the receiving bank, containing all details of the transaction. It is proof that the payment has been made

Step 1

Log in to the Verto platform.

Step 2

From the left hand sidebar, select the Accounts and Wallets button.

Step 3

Click the wallet from which you sent the payment (in this example, this is USD). This will open your wallet, and you will see the list of the transactions.

Step 4

Find the transaction which you would like to get the MT103/SWIFT copy for, and click on it.

Step 5

Click on the MT103 Details dropdown, and the MT103/SWIFT copy will be shown. You can copy this and send it to your customers.

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