How to add funds to your wallet via Smart Wallet Top-Up
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In some currencies where it is supported by Verto’s partner banks you can add money to your wallet by just sending to Verto and including a specific reference number in the description/narrative field of the payment. As soon as it arrives Verto will automatically credit your wallet for the amount received.

This is currently supported for:

  1. Domestic GBP

  2. Regional EUR (SEPA)

  3. International EUR (SWIFT)

  4. International USD (SWIFT)

The process work as follows:

  1. Login to your Verto account and navigate to your default wallet for the supported currencies

  2. Select the Add Funds button

  3. You will see Verto’s bank details, along with a unique Smart Wallet ID starting with V followed by 11 letters or numbers - this is unique to this specific wallet.

  4. Send funds to Verto’s bank details whenever you want and include this specific SmartWallet ID in the description/narrative field

  5. If funds are coming from a bank account in your name they will be automatically added to your wallet as soon as they arrive (you will receive an email notification when this happens)

    1. If you are approved to receive from 3rd parties you can use these pooled details to receive from 3rd parties. The sender must include the SmartWallet ID in the description/reference field

  6. If funds arrive and do not include the SmartWallet ID they will be returned to the bank account that sent them - minus any processing fees applied by Verto

SmartWallet is not supported for adding funds to the non-default wallet of a currency or any currency other than that outlined above.

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