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How to open local and global accounts?
How to open local and global accounts?
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How To Setup A Global Account

Making and receiving payments across oceans, time zones, and continents has never been so simple. You can setup your global with a few simple steps:

  1. Log into your Verto Account

2. Go to Accounts & Wallets

You can do this by selecting Accounts & Wallets to the left

3. Select Get Account Details

If you can not see get account details it means you are not automatically eligible for a global account. Please complete this application form to get access.

You can get account details for wallets that have already been created. If you need a particular currency you don't have a wallet for already, you can create a new wallet using "Add Wallet".

4. Select the currencies you want global bank details

If a currency you want is missing here you should check a few things:

  1. Do you already have account details for this currency - you can not create multiple accounts per currency at this time

  2. Does this currency support account details - you can check the guide here

  3. Do you have a wallet for this currency? You can only get account details for where you already have a wallet. Use "Add Wallet" to do this.

5. Your global account details will be available here

6. See your new global account details by selecting any currency

Any questions please reach out to or chat to us via Live Chat

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