EUR local account overview
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Your EUR local account allows you to receive and send Euro locally.

With your EUR local account bank details, you can receive from anyone, yourselves, your clients, or your supplier directly into your wallet.

There is no need to create a top-up, we will credit the funds to your EUR account as soon as we receive them. You can then use these funds to perform FX and payment as you normally would through the Verto platform.

How to open a EUR local account on Verto

To open a EURO local account first, you must have a EURO wallet. Select get account details, select EURO and submit your request.

If you can not see get account details it means you are not automatically eligible for a global account. Please fill in this form to apply for global account access.

Settlement Details

The important details for a Verto local EURO account are

  • The name of the account owner: The name of the bank account owner. (This will be your registered name with Verto)

  • The Bank Name: The bank that Verto is using to issue the IBAN.

  • Recipient BIC: BIC is the acronym for Business Identifier Code. This is the routing code used for local SEPA transfers

  • IBAN: The unique number identifying the account.

  • Bank Address: The bank address.

The bank is Banking Circle. The local EUR will be issued with a local IBAN in Germany (DE IBAN) for collection from anyone in the SEPA Zone (EEA + UK + Switzerland).

This IBAN (DE) can only recieve payments via SEPA & Target2 - payments sent via SWIFT will be returned automatically. To recieve EUR SWIFT payments use your global account details (DK IBAN).

The address is Maximilianstrasse 54, D-80538, München, Germany.

What name is the account in?

The account is held in the name of the business registered on the Verto platform. When sending funds to your global account you should send them to your registered business name.

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