As a regulated institution, we are required to perform transaction monitoring on all inbound and outbound transactions.

Where we can, we use automated systems to do this, but sometimes manual review is needed. As part of this process when you receive funds they may need to be checked manually by a member of our team.

When this occurs you will receive funds into your account, and then they will instantly be moved to our holding account whilst this manual review takes place. These transactions will start with an FR reference on your statement and will be made to “Des Seg Acc Wsale - VertoFX - Holding Account”

Our team may need to reach out to you, but in most cases, they will review the payment and return the funds to your GBP account.

This should normally take place within a few hours, but please allow up to 2 working days.

Please be aware that reviews currently only take place during working hours, so funds received outside of this may take longer to be reviewed

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