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GBP Account Migration FAQs
GBP Account Migration FAQs

Why is my GBP account details changing & where can I find the new details?

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What is happening?

Your GBP account details are changing, as we move the accounts we offer from being under the "Bank Accounts" tab to being included in our Global Account offering in "Accounts & Wallets"

When is it happening?

Your old account details will stop working on the 12th of September. This is a hard deadline so please ensure you have switched over to new details well in advance of this, as any payments made to this account will be rejected.

What happens to my old account details?

Your old account details will stop working on the 12th of September. Any inbound payments to your old account details will be rejected and returned after this time. Your old details will continue working until then, but we recommend switching over as soon as possible.

Can I keep my old account details?

No, it is not currently possible to change my account details?

Why has this change been made?

This change has been made as part of our effort to simplify our platform and is part of an overhaul of some of our legacy systems.

This change brings a number of benefits:

  • Say goodbye to moving money between your GBP account to your wallet before you have to payout. You can now send and receive funds from the same account!

  • Payouts from your "Accounts & Wallets" will now be in your name

  • You can easily convert between your GBP Accounts & 49 currency other accounts & wallets using the “Convert” feature

  • See the Bank Address clearly for the accounts

How can I find my new account details?

1. Go to Wallets & Accounts and select "Local"

2. Click on the GBP account

3. Select "Bank Account Details"

Here you can see both your local account details (Sort Code + Account Number) and your global bank details (IBAN + BIC Code)

I've seen a lot of FR- marked payments on my GBP account, will this change help?

Yes, part of the reason for this change is to simplify the way we perform transaction monitoring on your account. This will mean no more FR- payments and a better user experience when you receive funds into your account.

How can I move funds from my old account to my new account?

You can use the "Move funds to wallet" feature present in the Bank Accounts screen to move funds from your old to your new account.

Has your banking partner changed?

No, at this time we have not changed our banking partner, you will continue to receive the near real-time experience you have come to expect.

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