How to acknowledge a transfer

Acknowledge a payment or transfer

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Whenever making a transfer to Verto you need to ensure that you acknowledge you have sent the funds.

We are unable to transfer top-ups or transfers where the incoming payment has not been acknowledged - not doing so will slow down your transfer.

You can make sure your transactions are processed in the fastest possible time by acknowledging when you send funds to us.
This can be done in 2 ways:

Primary - during the transaction flow

  1. Enter your Bank Name and include the reference number used if you are unable to include Verto's reference number

  2. Select submit

You will then be presented with the successful transaction screen

Secondary - after you've booked a transfer

In some cases, you may forget to complete the above step during the initial transfer flow. As such we provide a method of acknowledgement

outside of the transfer flow, do this to:

  1. Go to your transaction history

  2. Select the transfer that you have not acknowledged

  3. Enter the bank details of where you are transferring from and click submit - remember to include the unique reference number on the payment

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