How to make a wallet top-up via Bank Transfer

How to add funds to your wallet

Updated over a week ago

Important - When making a bank transfer as part of a top-up you should transfer the funds to "VertoFX Ltd".

Step 1 - Go to your wallet page & click on the currency you want to top-up

Step 2 - Select "Add Money to Wallet"

Step 3 - Enter the amount you are topping up and the reason for the top-up, then click "Add Money"

Step 4 - Complete payment to Verto's bank account using the details provided. Remember to include the reference on your payment.

Step 5 - Acknowledge you have transferred the funds to Verto, and include the details of where the funds have been transferred from. You need to click "I have transferred" after you have done this.
If you do not complete this step, the funds will not be added to your wallet.

After clicking "I have transferred" you will see the below screen - this will include all the details on your top-up, you can also access this by going to your transaction history and click on the relevant top-up.

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