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Convert and send money to a beneficiary
Convert and send money to a beneficiary

Learn to make an currency exchange with VertoFX

Updated over a week ago

Transfering with VertoFX is easy, but we've put together the following guide just in case you need some more guidance.

When you are logged into the platform the first thing to do is select send money on the menu on the left, and then send at the desired rate.

To send a transaction, enter the currency pairs you want to exchange between, and click “Send Now”

Then simply add your beneficiaries details, or choose which account with Verto you want to deposit the funds in, and then select Next.

Don’t forget to add your beneficiary email address to track your payments in real-time.

You can then choose to fund your transaction from either an external bank account or your wallet.

Remember to enter your sending bank details and including the reference description to enable us to identify the incoming payment.

Any questions please reach out to us.

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