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How to setup MFA as an OTP alternative
How to setup MFA as an OTP alternative
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Verto offers clients the ability to make use of MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) as an alternative to receiving an OTP (One Time Password) at login, and for the creation of every payment.

Once setup you can use google authenticator or similar to generate a 6 digital code that can be used instead of OTPs for all core action. OTP is always available as an alternative.

To setup make sure you are using the lightning experience, you will see a banner at the top to "Enable 2-Step MFA". Select this button.

Next scan the QR code on the screen using any MFA app - we recommend using Google Authenticator available on both Android and iOS. After scanning you'll need to enter the code you've been assigned for Verto in the box on the left and select Verify.

You have now set up MFA and can use this for verification of transactions, adding beneficiaries and even at login in place of an OTP code sent to your mobile or email.

Any questions please contact the Verto support team.


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