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One-Time Password (Login)
One-Time Password (Login)
Updated over a week ago

Verto uses One Time Password (OTP) to authenticate your login to the Verto platform.

By default, these are delivered to your registered phone number by SMS.

We also now support the delivery of it via WhatsApp, Email or Voice Call.

During login to receive your OTP code:

1. Log in to Verto using your registered email address and password.

2. Your OTP code will be automatically sent to your phone via SMS.

If you want to receive your OTP code via WhatsApp, Email or Phone call select "Try another method"

And then select the desired method:

Email is delivered to the registered email address fo the account. WhatsApp and Voice Call are both delivered to the registered phone number on the account.

3. Enter your OTP code (6 digit number) on the screen and click "Verifiy". If correct you will be logged in.

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