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How to view your Card’s information?
How to view your Card’s information?
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Your Verto Card information is always visible to you if you are that Cards owner or the Super Admin of your Verto Account. In order to see your Card details click on the required Card in the list view.

(Please note this view is the same in both the Classic and the Lightning experience. In order to go to this screen please check the above sections)

After clicking on a Card in the list you will see a Side panel open showing a detailed view of your Card

To see your Card number, Card currency, Validity, Status and CVV click on “Card Info” as shown below

Once clicked it will expand and you can reveal each piece of information by clicking on the “eye” icon next to the text placeholder.

Similarly clicking on “User info” below the “Card Info” tab will show you the information about the user you have registered the card to

“Transaction settings” shows you which types of payments you can make using this Card. Note : this will be different for Virtual and Physical Cards as shown in the example below

Virtual Cards Transaction Settings

Physical Cards Transaction Settings

Address” is the registered address of the holder of this card

Every transaction made using this card can be seen in the below List View along with your current spending limit which can be adjusted by the Super Admin of this Verto account.

“Card Settings” at this moment contains only the deletion of a card

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