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Invoice requirements for payments from ZAR local accounts
Invoice requirements for payments from ZAR local accounts
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Invoice requirements when paying from your local ZAR account

When making a conversion and an international payment from your local ZAR account, it is mandatory that you upload an invoice, otherwise the payment will fail.

The invoice must contain the following:

  • Invoice date.

  • Invoice number.

  • Client details: full name, address.

  • Supplier details: full name, address, bank details.

  • Beneficiary details: client name as per account name (ie. invoice made out by a company called ABC Pty must have bank account details in the name of ABC Pty).

  • Full/complete description of the nature of the service performed: product/service
    description needs to be detailed.

  • Amount and currency ie. ZAR, USD, GBP - calculation of how this amount is made up (ie. Is it a yearly payment or will there be more etc?).

  • Time when the service was performed - taking in to account that services may not be paid in advance.

  • The word ‘Invoice’ (not just “estimated invoice” etc.).

  • Agreement confirming the partner support service - if there are any agreements in place, please submit these as well.

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