NGN local account overview
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Your NGN local account allows you to receive and send NGN locally.

With your NGN local account bank details, you can receive from anyone, yourselves, your clients, or your supplier.

There is no need to create a top-up, we will credit the funds to your NGN account as soon as we receive them. You can then use these funds to transfer as you normally would through the Verto platform.

Opening an NGN local account

To get access to a local NGN account contact

Settlement Details

When sending or receiving from a local account in Nigeria, the vital details needed are

  • Bank Account Number: This is a unique ten (10) digit number e.g 1234534218.

  • Bank Name: The name of the bank that issued the account number.

  • Bank account name: The name of the bank account owner. Verto-issued NGN accounts follow the format - Verto (name of the business) e.g Verto (Good shop Ltd).

Although the name on the bank account isn’t typically entered, you’ll need to confirm that the name on the bank account that is shown when you enter the bank account number and bank name matches the one given to you.

The account is held in the name of the business registered on the Verto platform.

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