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Managing users on your company's account
Managing users on your company's account

How to manage multiple users on your Verto account

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This feature is currently available for early access only. To get added to the early access trial contact your account manager or the customer success team (

Note: All users added will get full access to all functionality except adding new users. New users can only be added by the original account creator.

To manage new users follow the guide below:

1. Login to the Verto platform & select "Manage Team" on the left menu

2. You will now be presented with a list of all sub-users on the account, with their status and account role.

3. To update the details of a sub-user or change their status simply click on their name or email.

This will open a side menu that gives you the option to achieve the users (set their status to inactive).

You will also be able to update the user's name, email address or phone number by clicking the "Update User Profile button".

For inactive users, you will be given the option of unarchiving their accounts (changing their status to active).

You can only update the details of active users.


What are the account statuses and what do they mean?

There are two user statuses available:

Active - The user currently has access to the Verto platform.

Inactive -The user has been disabled from login into the Verto platform.

What are the role types and what do they mean?

There are two user statuses available:

Client Super Admin - The user who signed up and created the company account

Client Sub Admin - Any sub-users added to the account by the Super Admin

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