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What is the Marketplace and how do I use it?
What is the Marketplace and how do I use it?
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The Marketplace feature of the VertoFX platform allows you to buy, sell, and negotiate for any currencies on our integrated marketplace. You are able to list a currency of your choice while specifying a desired rate and quantity, as well as the currency which you are seeking in return.

Case: Sell

If you wish to sell NGN 50,000,000 for USD 100,000 at a rate of 500.00, simply place this listing on the marketplace. If there is a counterparty that is interested in this listing, you shall receive an email notification either confirming the transaction or containing their negotiated rate and/or quantity.

Case: Buy

You visit the VertoFX marketplace and you see a NGN 50,000,000 listed to exchange for USD at a rate of 500.00. However, you only wish to purchase NGN 10,000,000 at a rate of 505.00. You can submit this offer and await either confirmation or negotiation from the counter-party.


If the rate and quantity of the deal is agreed upon by both The Owner, and The Bidder, you shall both have 5 hours to deposit funds for this transaction (either from your E-Wallet or through your bank). Once both parties have deposited the funds, you shall soon see the desired currency in your E-Wallet ready to use how you see fit.

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