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What is the VertoFX Cashback offer?
What is the VertoFX Cashback offer?
Updated over a week ago

The VertoFX Cashback offer is applicable to new businesses who sign up to use the VertoFX platform. This incentive offer for your first trade works as follows:

  1. This offer is applicable to new account holders who have successfully passed our compliance process.

  2. This offer is valid for 4 weeks after a new account holder successfully passes our compliance review and is onboarded as a VertoFX client.

  3. The cashback will apply to all first currency exchange transactions equivalent to $15,000 or below. Where applicable first transactions are above the $15,000 threshold of this offer, applicable account holders will receive a cashback up to the limit of the advertised offer only.

  4. For all first currency exchange by a new user, VertoFX will provide cash back equivalent to the margin made on the first currency exchange.

  5. The cashback will be issued to applicable account holders VertoFX e-wallet within 5-working days of the applicable first currency exchange being made.

  6. VertoFX does not charge any transaction fee so any applicable first currency exchange equal to or below the maximum applicable transaction value ($15,000) is therefore free when used in combination with this incentive.

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