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How to download a statement (new lightning experience)
How to download a statement (new lightning experience)
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Downloading a statement

You can download statements in CSV and PDF format of each of your individual wallets e.g. your USD wallet, or you can download a statement of all of your transactions in one place.

Step 1

Log in to the Verto platform.

Step 2

From the left hand sidebar, select the Collect & Hold icon.

Step 3

Click the Accounts section under the Collect & Hold section. Then, choose the currency which you would like to generate a statement for.

You can search for the currency if you can't find it by scrolling.

Step 4

Once you've found the currency which you would like to get a statement for, choose your wallet from the list of wallets in that currency. You may only have one wallet in that currency.

Step 5

Your wallet details will appear. In this window, select "Export Transactions".

Step 6

The Generate Report window will appear. Choose the format which you would like your statement in, from CSV, Excel, or PDF.

Step 7

Change the number of pages you would like, or the date range, if necessary. Then, click Create.

Your report will be generated and sent to you via email once ready - this usually takes less than a minute. If you have issues doing this, please raise a case via the Chat with Frank service on the Verto platform, or email

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