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Who you can receive payments from in your local or global account?
Who you can receive payments from in your local or global account?
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Local and Global accounts only support payments for business purposes. Payments are not allowed to be received from individuals. Payments from other registered companies are allowed by default, and prior approval is not needed.

If you need to receive payments from individuals we recommend using a payment processor, who then deposits funds into your Verto local account on a daily or weekly basis.

Verto can make an introduction to local payment processors in a number of different jurisdictions. If this is required please contact

If a user wishes to receive payments from individuals, they must first contact our support team to request approval. The request will be evaluated based on various factors such as the user's business type, the nature of the transaction, and the source of the payment. If the request is approved, the user will be allowed to receive payments from individuals under the specified terms and conditions.

We take the security and compliance of our platform seriously, and we will take appropriate action if users violate this policy. This may include suspension or termination of the user's account. Payments received from individuals unless approved to do so will be returned to the sender.

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