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Withdrawing funds from your wallet
How to make a wallet withdrawal/payment out of your wallet
How to make a wallet withdrawal/payment out of your wallet

How to withdraw funds from your wallet

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This guide is for withdrawing funds from your wallet in the same currency. If you need to withdraw funds or make a payment in another currency, please make a currency conversion first between your wallets and then follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Select the wallet you want to withdraw/make a payment from

Step 2 - If you are paying funds to your own bank account select "to my account" if you are sending funds to another bank account select "to a beneficiary"

Step 3 - Enter the amount you want to send, the reason for the payment and include any reference you want to include in the reference field of the payment.

Step 4 - Select the recipient you want to send funds to - or add a new one by clicking "Add Recipient"

Step 5 - To confirm your transfer we need to send you a one time password or OTP. To confirm your transfer click "Send OTP"

Step 6 - Enter the OTP code you receive via email and SMS. Select transfer money to confirm your transfer

Your funds will then be sent to your recipient. You will receive an email with updates on your withdrawal. You can also check the status of the withdrawal by going to transfer history, and selecting E-Wallet at the top.

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